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3Gas Fuel Supply Benefits

  • More reliable and consistent delivery
  • Multiple use in different sectors
  • Reduces wear of your equipment
  • Convenient and decreases maintenance costs
  • Ensures faster time to use
  • Ensures cost savings from shorter development time periods
  • Flexible and safer
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Product Offering

3Gas Prepaid Meter - 3Gas Prepaid Gas Meter is a unique residential gas meter designed to accurately measure volume of liquefied petroleum gas. Its stringent components selection meets highest demand standard in global market.

it features Proprietary encryption, Easy to install and low installation cost, Keypad with text feedback, Low credit warning, Low battery detection and warning, Advanced tamper detection.

Petroleum Products Portfolio - Our product portfolio is specifically tailored to the numerous applications needed within the private and public infrastructure space and includes monitoring and maintenance services.Thus, the products we supply are Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Diesel (AGO), Petrol (PMS), Jet A-1 and Lubricants, All petroleum products sold comply with set standards Our petroleum products are available to a wide range of customers to fit any use, giving us the edge in catering for all kinds of energy needs.

All our petroleum product delivery processes are protected against theft or shortages and are subjected to strict safety checks at each of the IOC’s refill. We will gladly provide you with a bespoke service whenever required and don’t hesitate to ask us which product or financial offering is best suited to your application.

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Technical Support

3Gas will undertake investigative analysis and testing when required to resolve problems that might be experienced.3Gas can provide fuel analysis if required. The cost of this service will be negotiated between the two parties at market related prices at the time of request. Should the need arise; the Key Accounts Manager must be contacted immediately to address the issue at hand.

3Gas - A valid alternative

How Can 3Gas Support You

Services overview

We offer a full range of energy solutions.3Gas offers a full fuel management solution by making investments at customer sites, in the form of storage tanks and fuel management systems that enable the customers to keep track of their fuel consumption and concentrate on their core business. We have experts that can not only advise on the ideal solutions, but who can also install your chosen product. From planning the most efficient systems, to developing cutting edge technology to match our customers’ ambitions, we can see the whole project through. All our technical services are available independently of any supply. We will collect your information, critically analyze and discuss your design within our experts to determine how we can help you and arrange the next step — DELIVER.

With every client we undertake, we devise a strategy to meet your fuel needs and requirements, without compromising on your goals.

  • We fuel a greener future
  • We have the power to deliver
  • We offer you a complete package
  • We have a nationwide network
  • Long – term support facilities for maintenance
  • We WILL monitor our reliability
  • We WILL supervise our consistency
  • We WILL pay strict attention to you
  • We WILL be responsive to you
  • We detail advantages and disadvantages of each solution
  • Guidance to deciding the optimal solution and cost
  • We implement project plan to show start, finish and milestone targets
  • Business Model to show projected cost savings
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Flexible Payment Plans

One size doesn’t fit all, which is why, at 3Gas; we have developed a range of pricing options and financial solutions.

Enjoy the comfort of postpaid billing or the flexibility of a prepaid billing fuel supply system.

Risk Management

Significant activity will be undertaken in 2019 in the context of Risk Evaluation and Assessment of petroleum products.

  • Amongst what we will look at are risk assessment methods, risk acceptance criteria, and their use in decision making processes, databases and reporting systems, enabling the use of risk-based decisions, reconciliation of local and global safety levels objectives and a harmonized risk-based approach for all transport modes.