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A Greener Future

We fuel a Greener Future - Protection of the environment in which we live and operate is part of 3Gas’ values and we consider it sound business practice. Care for the environment is one of our key responsibilities and an important part of the way in which we do business. Begin the process by which you look into the future, paint a picture of that future based on current trends, and influence the forces that will affect you. Be visible, make LPG an exceptional energy.

Our Power to Deliver - Our business is headed up from our head office premises in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, where we have a team working across all divisions, from sales and marketing, to installations, technical, scheduling and more.

Our 24hr emergency team are also based here. As part of the delivery process, we will explore your world of petroleum interests to discover the right blend that accurately reflects or fits you or your business’.

We have experts that can not only advise on the ideal solutions, but who can also supply your chosen product. From planning the most efficient systems, to developing cutting edge technology to match our customers’ ambitions, we can see the whole project through. All our technical services are available independently of any supply. We will collect your information, critically analyze and discuss your design within our experts to determine how we can help you and arrange the next step — deliver.

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There are 2 things that you just can’t do without - an energy source to work and an energy source to cook with. Why bother looking any further?

3Gas can power your facility from one easy supply source and care will be taken that your product is presented in a consistent, authentic and coherent manner.

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LPG in a nutshell

LPG offers significant environmental advantages, particularly in terms of indoor and outdoor air quality. It is characterized by low particle emissions, low NOx emissions, low sulphur content and has very good results for a series of as yet unregulated pollutants.

LPG has numerous fuelling applications including domestic space and water heating, cooking, lighting, thermal desiccation, power generation, industrial heating, and automotive fuel5. Thanks to a wide variety of packaging and storage options (cartridges, refillable cylinders from 2 kg to 50 kg, bulk tanks placed over or under ground, etc) and to its transportation in low pressure tanks,

LPG is available everywhere throughout Nigeria, including areas out of reach. LPG can thus be used in remote areas contributing to national development. When used as a clean back-up energy, it also accelerates the development of intermittent renewables such as photovoltaic, solar-thermal, wind and small hydro.

LPG’s person-to-person distribution system creates and maintains jobs at local level all across Nigeria. With its 150,000 direct and indirect employees, the LPG industry has been contributing to economic and social growth in Nigeria

Our Source

One of our responsibilities is to source our products from a major Nigerian International Oil Company (IOC). Once collected, our nationwide network, delivers to our customers.

Our procducts are received from each of the IOC's terminal and delivered by truck to our customers, or via one of our direct depots.

We always strive to communicate our underlying value. It's important that 3Gas always 'walk the walk'.

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Simply deposit the sum of N1000 (One thousand Naira Only) at designated 3Gas outlets, grab a 3Gas Prepaid Gas Meter and pay a service charge @ N999.99pm.

Simply pay for Totalgaz LPG Content Only at designated 3Gas outlets to pick up a safe and well—maintained Totalgaz Cylinder. Invariably, we say "It's time for Gas... Just Cook". (Terms & Conditions apply)

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    Our experienced expert team provides innovative solutions for gas engineering 24/7/365 and you are in a unique position of having people with a deep understanding of what is involved for you to engage successfully with your community. Why don’t you entrust your fuel needs to 3Gas.