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By switching from oil to LPG, you could: – Save up to 40% on your fuel bill, Cut your carbon emissions by up to 50%?

If you work with 3Gas, you will generate interest or inquiry into your cooking, service and/or business, increase your revenues, accelerate your heating cycle, reduce costs, increase productivity, free up your time.

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Abuja Plot 53 Haruk Road, Off Obi Wali Road, Rumuigbo, Port Harcourt 500242, Rivers State, Nigeria

Lagos ...Coming soon

South Africa 38, 17th Street, Orange Grove, 2192, Johannesburg. South Africa. T: +27 84 2459174 Fax2mail: +27 86 5517 556 Email:


Customer Service:
Telephone:+234 84 300005-7
Mobile:+234 809 533 1570
HSE Department:
Telephone:+234 84 300006
Telephone:+234 84 300007
Sales and Marketing:
Telephone:+234 84 300005

Thank you for your business

We appreciate the opportunity to present our portfolio of services and capabilities. We believe that our LPG and fuel supply solutions will benefit you not only with cost reductions, but also allowing you to increase fuel self – reliance.

This website concentrates on general background information for business with 3Gas and brief overviews of the company and serves as an online portfolio of our work and is also designed to help current & future clients who are considering the establishment of business relationship with 3Gas. It offers useful tips for dealing with us on a day – to – day basis.

For all purposes 3Gas Ltd, its associated companies and partners are hereinafter be referred to as “3Gas”.

All Information in this website are deemed confidential and are not to be copied and/or transmitted to any third party without the express written consent of 3Gas Ltd.

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Plot 53 Haruk Road, Off Obi Wali Road
Rumuigbo, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
Telephone:+234 84 300005-7
Mobile 1:+234 809 533 1570
Fax2mail:+27 86 5517 556