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Liquefied Petroleum Gas

LPG when you need it.
If you’re a bulk LPG or individual customer then rest assured we have a big LPG delivery network in NIgeria. This means we can provide you with a reliable LPG supply, however remote your home is. We have more Nigerian depots than any other LPG supplier, so however remote your home or facility is, we can reach you. In fact, we provide such a reliable supply, you'd never know you were off the grid.

We’re here to help you

  • After providing LPG solutions to customers up and down the country, we pride ourselves in being experts in energy. Have a burning question? Need some advice about your energy supply? We can help!

  • If you need any information on LPG, and you can’t find the answer below, then contact us today.

Bulk Fuel Supply

3Gas markets, sells, and supplies diesel, petrol and lubricants as a wholesaler to an end-user client base that comprises leading companies in government, parastatal organizations and industries. 3Gas sources its products from a major IOC and also different mainstream suppliers which have allocations with major oil companies in Nigeria. The products are readily available through Nigeria's national grid at depots of major petroleum product marketers scattered around the cities and larger towns in Nigeria. The products are uplifted from the nearest depots for delivery to the customers.

If you buy petroleum products from 3Gas on a regular basis, we offer a range of variable and fixed-price contracts. Despite being a leading fuel supplier with a big distribution network, we still pride ourselves on providing a local, personal service from our friendly delivery drivers and contact centre.