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Petroleum Infrastructure where it is needed.
3Gas understands that new petroleum infrastructure developments offer style and efficiency, wherever their location. Thus, we are commited to the development and expansion of the fuel distribution industry in Nigeria, particularly where this will benefit small players. To achieve this, we are commited to making investments developing storage and transport infrastructure because the existing infrastructure is generally not accessible to the emerging players. In this regard, we are very keen to enter into collaborative arrangements with independent players in the arena in order to meet our respective objectives while ensuring the mutual choice of energy supply development matches these ideals.

What's the alternative?
Building in rural or urban developing areas bring the advantages of space, tranquility and a feeling of being closer to nature. Where petroleum supply is not available; by co-working with 3Gas, prospective partnerships and alliances can get all benefits of fuel supply whilst maintaining the rural aesthetic and helping the environment.

What development option fits best?
We know every development is different and that’s why we offer a personal approach to energy supply. With a range of development options to suit, we’ll work with our partners to decide which development option works best for stakeholders, the host communities and the customers.

Nationwide Delivery

  • We have more depots and fuel delivery services than any other LPG supplier, 3Gas has achieved this through partnerships and business working relationships with reliable third party companies. So however remote your home, office, industry or facility is, we can reach you. In fact, we provide such a reliable fuel supply, you'd never know you were remote. If you're a 3Gas customer, you can simply order or pick up your petroleum product or LPG from one of our wide range of stockists and depots.

    Let us help you find your closest 3Gas stockist. Just contact us and we'll do the rest.

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