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The main strategic goal of 3Gas is to become one of the most efficient, fast-growing energy companies in South-South Nigeria, with a vision to maintain a leading position in the Nigerian market.

Founded in 2016, 3Gas Ltd has since been a part of the Nigerian oil and gas sector. Better known today as 3Gas, the company is now divided into four main operating divisions: Oilfield Services, EPFC, Critical Infrastructure and Distribution, along with support divisions which are Human Resources and Marketing. 3Gas is a privately-owned for-profit business engaged in the provision of oil and gas services to corporate, individual and government clients. We have a strong and consistent earnings record, as well as solid capital and liquidity positions. In cooperation with our affiliates, partners and/or subsidiaries, 3Gas provides a diverse range of supporting specialized products and services for the oil and gas industry. 3Gas as a company also performs distribution of petroleum products and implements petroleum and energy projects.


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We ensure that we adhere to government regulations, Fair Trading Standards and Consumer Protection legislation.

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As part of the delivery process, we will explore your interests to discover the right blend that accurately reflects or fits your business.

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Get to know 3Gas better. Our values are important to us and are reflected in the way we work. Everyone who acts on 3Gas' behalf is required to comply with our rules of behavior and our values.

We’re building our company around our shared values because when we say we want to do better business in the downstream sector, we mean it.

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Innovation through entrepreneurial attitude is at the heart of what we do. We’re eager and optimistic about exploring new territory and taking assessed risks while maintaining a clear vision of our business.

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Petroleum and non-fuel products

Physical trading requires sustainable supplier and customer relationships combined with excellent logistics, financial skills, risk management and marketing competence. In order to establish ourselves as a recognized petroleum and non-fuel products trading company, we pay attention to each and every step of our managing and delivery of trading services. Our effective business strategy and profitable relationship with leading oil and manufacturing companies have enabled us to provide products of unquestionable quality and competitive price which makes 3Gas a strong participant in the Nigerian oil market. We serve a network of B2B and retail clients across Nigeria. Through resellers and direct distribution channels we distribute a comprehensive range of locally generated products such as:



Within our light distillates trading activity, we are strengthening our market presence in Propane (C3), Butane (C4) or propane/butane mixtures (C3/C4 or P-B mix) and Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) grades, which meets the standard specification. We can guarantee flexible wholesale pricing plans to our clients and our advanced transport service network assures immediate delivery of supplies to our clients.



3Gas distributes Automotive Gas Oil (AGO). At client's request, we can supply diesel. Keeping both a global perspective and local insight into the diesel market, as well as strong relationships with main oil marketers and tank farms will ensure that we are able to provide our clients with the products of the highest quality, offering risk management and on-time delivery service (both shipping and onshore transportation facilities).



Our team combines advanced market knowledge and an efficient partner network for regular supply of heavy gas oil, heavy fuel oil and lubricants for both medium industrial plants, marine applications and smaller businesses. We offer lubricants in 2 different ranges: Automotive and Industrial Lubricants. Discover our range and learn how our heavy oils can improve the longevity and performance of your engines.



Our non-fuel products trading operations provides clients with the best range of petrochemicals, safety matches, road ashphalt, LPG Stoves and Fire Extinguishers with effective & timely delivery. Our products are always certified and fulfill all legal requirements in the destination countries. We are able to offer you competent and complete service regarding legally required non-fuel products.